Steve Bremner

Steve started his BJJ journey back in 2010. Steve is a big MMA fan and always found it frustrating when fighters took fights to the ground; he like most MMA fans were far more excited by the prospect of fighters going for the knockout rather than using the technicalities of BJJ. So to further understand the techniques the fighters used while on the ground he heard about a BJJ class running in Elgin and decided to try and educate himself, from the first session he was hooked!

While deeper understanding of the complexities of MMA was a core motivator, Steve also wanted to train for fitness. Steve at the time weight a hefty 170kg (27 stone) and struggled with both the cardio vascular and movement demands that BJJ places on the body; however through a regimen of healthy eating and continued exercise, Steve has so far dropped 50kg and is aiming for a total loss of 70kg.

In 2012 Steve was promoted to Blue belt, while he is no longer a 3 sessions a week kinda guy he still trains on Saturday mornings and attends seminars. Steve’s main goals are both to grow and improve his BJJ skills as well as continued weight loss and health improvements. For Steve it’s not about chasing belts or medals, it’s about taking things at his own pace and training for the fun of it!

Steve looks after the website administration and can be emailed here: