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New pricing, class structure and additional sessions!

Just a brief reminder that of recent a few things have changed.

Firstly there is now a Wednesday session at Buckpool Golf Club, this runs from 1900hrs to 2030hrs. Hopefully these sessions will grow in popularity and will become a permanent session for everyone.

Second and thirdly, both class structure and pricing have been updated. Classes are now split into 2 sections, the first half is a short warm up with technique and posture drills being the main focus. The second half will be working submissions from the technique/posture followed by sparring.

The new pricing structure means that you can pay a flat rate of £3.50 per hour, this works well for people that need the extra flexibility or perhaps only want to work on the fundamentals as opposed to submission and sparring techniques. After the first hour of the session you are free to leave the mats, or if you’d rather stay you can pay £7 per session.

If you are a monthly paid member, the monthly cost has now increased to £45, this increase allows you to also attend the 3rd session in Buckpool as part of your monthly dues, this means you pay the equivalent of £1.60 per hour!

Information on pricing and sessions can be found on the “Sessions” section of the website.


Our new website!

Well it’s here at last! Well I say that but it’s actually still at the very early stages of development and testing. This post is both to let everyone know that the site is open for business and point your mates in it’s direction, it’s also here to test to make sure the website also posts this update to Facebook so we’ll see what happens!

Over the coming months the logos and graphics will be updated to reflect our affiliations, I will also add an events and media section as well as a number of other new features.

This is by no means the final draft, it’s only just the beginning!