Further information

Clothing & Equipment

We recommend that you wear comfortable loose clothing to train and take a water bottle with you, you’ll need it! While there are no strikes in Jiu Jitsu, some of our members like to use gumshields and groin guards; this is very much a personal choice and in no means essential. There are specialist items of clothing that you can invest in if you feel that Jiu Jitsu is the right martial art for you, we can recommend a number of retailers to buy Gis, Rashguards, Shorts and a number of other items from. We recommend that you do not buy these items before at least coming to a few sessions as some of the clothing can be quite expensive.

Health & Hygiene

It’s common knowledge that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can carry risk of skin infection. With so much contact with the mat and with other people, its important that people are aware of the potential risks there are out there. From ringworm to staph infections (bacterial infections usually initiated by a small opening in the skin such as a scrape), there’s a lot to watch out for. Some key tips are:

Always wear clean clothing while training.

It may sound obvious I know, but this really is a key point. After you train throw your gear in the washing machine as soon as you get home. Don’t leave it to fester in your kit bag where bacteria can cultivate. Always following the washing instructions on your clothing and wash it at the maximum temperature possible.

Cuts, grazes & skin problems

If you have a cut on your skin – anywhere that may contact the mat – either wrap it thoroughly with a protective barrier or do not train.  Many dermatologic bugs don’t need to enter the bloodstream to cause a skin disease, but if your skin is open, you are highly susceptible to other illnesses and potentially greater dermatological complications. If you have any other viral infection, or in any way contagious illness contact your coach and they can best advise the course of action to take.

Personal Hygiene

This is another pretty obvious one. When you turn up for training make sure you are clean; nobody like training with someone who smells like a field of farm animals! Keep fingernails and toenails neatly trimmed, the hands and feet are constantly contaminated with bacteria and fungi.  A prime habitat for them is under and around the nails.  As we train, it is easy to accidentally scratch your partner which can impregnate the skin with bugs.  Along those lines, wash your feet thoroughly each day – the old “let the water run down while I stand in the shower” doesn’t cut it.  Also make sure after training you have a hot shower with preferably a good ant-bacterial body wash. Make sure to scrub your body clean and not just lather up, bacteria is a persistent little devil so do your part!

Insurance & Personal Injury

As with any contact sport, from time to time injuries do happen. As a registered club we do have insurance to cover any major injuries that you may have; however some of our members take out their own personal insurance to cover them while they train outside of the club. We will post up links to our recommended insurance provider soon. We will also post up a copy of our terms and conditions for you to sign and hand into us before beginning training.